My name is Jobair Alam Bipul and I’m a 31-year-old tech enthusiast from Bangladesh. I have been working in the E-commerce, Domain and Web Hosting industry for more than 10 years. I have always been patriotic and I live today with a goal to represent my country in the world and to see its name shine among all other developed countries in the world.

A web hosting company ” HostMight.com ” is running by me now. I feel comfortable working on any web related stuffs. Time passes away by looking after my own business organization, freelancing as well as writing tutorials related to web hosting and so on.

Since my childhood I had a keen interest in the internet, this amazing technology always impressed me and it felt like there was something there that connected me to it. Born in Tangail, a city in the third world country, Bangladesh, there were not many opportunities out there for me. Like many other Bangladeshis I did not belong to a very well-off
family, but I always wanted to do something good for my hometown and make my family as well as my country proud.


After completing my higher secondary school education from Ghatail Cantonment Public School & College, I chose English literature as
my bachelor degree. After its completion, I took admission in the University of Dhaka in Master’s of Professional Marketing. I wanted more and due to my interest in the internet, I obtained a certification of cPanel and WHM Administrator, Google G – suite Administrator.


I was recognized for my efforts, appreciated for
what I was doing for my country and in the year 2015, I was awarded the
Entrepreneurship honorary award by Chakri Khojbo na chakri debo.

Media Appearances

My Interview has been published on prestigious English News Paper daily Independent , Featured in Daily Kalerkontho , Bonikbarta , Techshohor , Priyo BanglaNews24 & more.